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This is the official WOTI Logo Web Page. If you wish to include the logo in your Web pages, documents, software, etc., or if you wish to create merchandise that includes the logo, you must use one of the following sources:

  • WINGLIST.CDR -- A Corel Draw .CDR file. This format is fully scalable (i.e., resizable without image degradation) and is the recommended format for creating posters or merchandise such as buttons, T-shirts, etc. To use it, you will need Corel Draw.

  • WINGLIST.EPS -- An encapsulated postscript .EPS file. This format is also fully scalable, though I'm not sure if the colors will work right... This is the format to use if you don't have Corel Draw, and is portable to the greatest number of environments and systems.

  • Assorted bitmap images -- A collection of .GIF and .BMP files in various sizes. These formats are ideal for creating Web links or including in software, etc., but are not recommended for creating merchandise, posters, etc., as they are not scalable. Changing the size of the image will result in image degradation!

The logo uses the Brushdom font. If you don't have it and wish to use the .CDR or .EPS files, please download brushdom.zip. Note: this font is for Microsoft Windows.

The logo was designed by Duane Knodel duane.knodel@shaw.wave.ca, and the copyright belongs to Duane Knodel. All Rights Reserved. The logo may only be used for materials or documents specifically related to the mailing list, and any written advertisements or documentation must acknowledge Duane Knodel and WOTI.org.




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