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WOTI Guidelines

This document is intended to address some common blunders made by WOTI participants, especially new ones. Please read it carefully. These tips and instructions will help increase your enjoyment of WOTI, and will also help prevent you from embarrassing yourself in front of close to 2000 members, plus uncountable others who read the WOTI postings via the archives or News.


Posting messages -- Procedure
Posting messages -- Netiquette
Commercial Postings and use of WOTI members' email addresses
The Administrator -- Who to contact if you have questions or concerns.
Contacting subscribers privately
Virus warnings and chain letters
"My posts don't show up! Why?"
Believe none of what you read...

Posting messages -- Procedure

To post a new message to the WOTI forum, address it to wings@woti.org. In order to post, you must become a member of WOTI as described on the Join! Web page.

If you wish to post a reply to the WOTI forum using the 'Reply' function of your mail program, make sure the 'To:' address is wings@woti.org By default, most email programs will address the reply to the WOTI member who sent the message, not the WOTI forum.

If you use 'Reply All' to response to messages, please examine the 'To:' and 'Cc:' addresses carefully. 'Reply All' will often respond to unintended addresses.

Some mail programs automatically fill in both the 'To:' and the 'Cc:' with the 'wings@woti.org' address. If your mail program does this, please erase the 'Cc:' before you send the message, otherwise your message will appear on the forum twice.

If you're using an old version of Pegasus Mail, turn off the "feature" that sends automated 'RCPT' messages. These are automatically filtered out of the forum, but they get sent to the administrator. Enough of these in one day puts him in a bad mood.

If you are using Microsoft Exchange in Windows 95 (a pretty old mail program, but still in use), your mail messages will probably have a file called WINMAIL.DAT automatically attached to them, unless you explicitly configure your system NOT to send this. Please see http://www.creativelement.com/win95ann/win95ann5.html#13 for further information. Messages containing WINMAIL.DAT will be automatically deleted. If you're using Microsoft Exchange and your messages aren't appearing on the forum, this is probably why.

Do not send binary files, images, word processor documents, or attachments of any kind to the WOTI forum. Plain text only please! If your mail program is one that automatically sends attachments (see above paragraph re: Microsoft Exchange), either disable the attachment if you can, or use another mail program. In the majority of cases, posts containing attachments will never reach the forum. They are deleted automatically by the software used to manage the forum.

Some email programs provide a "feature" for formatting messages entirely as HTML (i.e., Web) documents. While this allows you to do some fancy formatting, it renders the messages virtually unreadable for people with non HTML-capable email programs, or for people who read the messages via the Digest version of the WOTI forum or via News. For that reason, most messages formatted entirely as HTML will never reach the forum. They are deleted automatically by the system. Netscape Communicator and Microsoft Outlook are notorious for doing this. If you're using Communicator or Outlook and your messages aren't showing up, it is almost unquestionably because your messages are formatted as HTML. Please turn this "feature" off! Your messages should be formatted as plain text, only.

Posting messages -- Netiquette

What you post will potentially be seen, over time, by thousands of people. Before you post anything, ask yourself whether you really want to be known for posting what you're about to post. If you have any doubts, don't post it.

When replying to a message, if your mail software 'quotes' the message you're replying to, i.e., if it includes some or all of the message in your reply, PLEASE DELETE AS MUCH AS OF THE ORIGINAL MESSAGE AS POSSIBLE BEFORE SENDING IT TO THE WOTI FORUM! You should leave ONLY enough of the original message to maintain the context.

DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES post a reply to a digest without deleting as much as possible of the quoted digest first!

When replying to a digest, your mail program will probably automatically insert a subject like "Re: Wings Digest V1 #626". If this is the case, as a courtesy to the other subscribers (and to yourself -- some subscribers intentionally skip any messages that say "Re: Wings Digest ...") please fill in an appropriate 'Subject'.

When replying to any message, always ask yourself whether what you are saying is of benefit to the other subscribers. If it is not of clear benefit to other subscribers, please address your reply to the individual who posted the original message.

If you are replying to a message, and the topic of your reply has strayed significantly from the 'Subject', it is considered good netiquette to change the subject so it is line with your topic. A common practice is to include the original subject too, for example:

  • The original subject was "Re: spark plugs".
  • In your reply, you are going to discuss Marvel Mystery Oil, not spark plugs, so:
  • You change the subject to "Marvel Mystery Oil (was: Re: spark plugs)".

If you're going to make a post that is not Gold Wing or motorcycle related, it is considered good courtesy to precede the subject with "NWR", i.e., "Not Wing Related". For example, if you wished to post about a computer problem (WOTI really isn't the place for it, but it's tolerated because everyone uses computers), you might compose a subject as follows: "NWR: Computer crashes constantly."

Replies that consist entirely of "me too" or "I agree" or "well said" should be sent to the originator of the message, NOT the forum.

Discussions or flames about the policies, behavior, or attitudes of the various Gold Wing organizations are not appropriate on the WOTI forum, for these are really issues of politics or group psychology, not Gold Wings. Announcements of rides, rallys, events, and so forth put on by these organizations are, however, appropriate.

If a fellow member is not following these guidelines, is not employing proper netiquette, or has otherwise posted something you find offensive or in bad taste, etc., please do not post complaints to the forum or send complaints to the member. Please address any complaints or concerns to the administrator as described below.

Commercial Postings and use of WOTI Members' Email Addresses

Commercial postings are not permitted on the WOTI forum. Commercial and non-commercial advertisements may, however, be posted on the classified ads.

Messages from individuals selling their own motorcycles, unused accessories, etc., are welcomed on the WOTI forum.

Vendors and organizations providing products and services to Gold Wing riders are definitely encouraged to participate on the WOTI forum.

WOTI members' email addresses may not be used for marketing or any other purpose. It is expressly forbidden to download the member list, or construct one from WOTI postings, for the purpose of sending bulk or targetted email directly to WOTI members. Violators will be unsubscribed, permanently barred from the WOTI forum, and legal action may be taken as appropriate.

If you have a complaint or issue regarding anything posted on the WOTI forum, please contact the administrator as described below.

The Administrator -- Who to contact if you have questions or concerns.

The WOTI forum and associated Web site are maintained by Dave Voorhis, courtesy of Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please email Dave at dave@armchair.mb.ca


WOTI is in no way affiliated with the Honda Corporation, the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, GWTA, or any other organization. Anyone posting a message is entirely responsible for the content of his or her message. The WOTI administrator(s) and Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. are in no way responsible for the content of any message, or for any consequences resulting directly or indirectly from the receipt of or failure to receive any message.


Copyright on individual messages belongs to the authors. Copyright on the WOTI forum and Web site as a collection, and on materials related to WOTI, belong to Dave Voorhis and Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc., except where explicitly stated otherwise. All rights are reserved. Unauthorized duplication or publication is specifically prohibited without express written permission of the copyright holder(s).

Contacting subscribers privately

There's nothing wrong with contacting subscribers privately, but always ask the recipient before sending large attached files, programs, or pictures. This includes animated holiday greetings, games, pictures of your motorcycle, etc. Not everyone's mail system is capable of receiving or reading these, and large files can tie up phone lines, increase download times, overflow mailboxes, and overload mail systems.

Virus warnings and chain letters

The vast majority of virus warnings are hoaxes. Please do not post such warnings to the forum without obtaining permission from the administrator (see above) first. You should also check out the following Web pages:


If someone does send you or the forum such a warning, please be tolerant and not berate or "flame" the sender. Most warnings are sent with good intentions.

No matter how cute or clever they are, chain letters of any kind are never appropriate on the forum, nor should they be sent privately.

"My posts don't show up! Why?"

If you've sent messages to wings@woti.org and they haven't appeared on the forum, there are several possible causes:

a) Your message contains certain key words in the subject or first few lines. The WOTI software looks for certain words and phrases that are characteristic of a subscriber seeking administrative help, and diverts the messages to a holding area for the administrator to process. Depending on how busy the administrator is, messages may remain in the holding area for days, or they may be deleted outright. Therefore, you should avoid using the following words in the subject or first few lines of your message:


b) Your message contains attached files. You may not post messages containing graphic images or other attachments. That includes email programs which produce "electronic business cards" and the like.

c) Your message is formatted using HTML. You may only post plain text.

d) You are either not subscribed, or your email address differs from the one you used to subscribe. You must either subscribe or register your email address as described in the Join! Web page.

Believe none of what you read...

...and only half of what you see. That's as true on the Internet as anywhere else. Information posted on the Internet -- no matter how technical, truthful, or well-supported it appears to be -- may be incorrect. Do not take action on the basis of something you've read without obtaining qualified verification. Failure to heed this warning when it applies to riding, safety, health and medical issues, or the use of certain products or repair procedures -- could kill you.

The Internet is a wonderful source of entertainment, ideas, and the occasional updated printer driver, but the 'net is not a reliable source of facts.




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