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Wings on the Internet was formed in April 1995 by Dave Voorhis (pictured on the right) as a Gold Wing and touring-oriented alternative to the 'rec.motorcycles' USENET News group. Since then, WOTI has evolved into a full-fledged motorcycle association, consisting of nearly two thousand members worldwide. WOTI hosts a number of fun rides and activities, which are frequently held in conjunction with popular events such as Americade and GWRRA's "Wing Ding".

Discussions on the WOTI forum tend to be a friendly mix of technical issues and social banter, with an occasional bit of controversy tossed in for flavour -- especially during the winter months when PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) sets in. There are no restrictions on what may be posted, but a supportive and family-oriented atmosphere is encouraged.

WOTI is open to anyone with an interest in Gold Wings or motorcycle touring. There are no chapters, directors, or formal leadership, and all activities are arranged by volunteers. WOTI is not affiliated with any other organizations. This Web site and the WOTI forum are sponsored by Armchair Airlines Computer Services Inc. and maintained by Dave Voorhis. Some expenses are offset by donations and the sale of banner ads on this Web site, but neither the WOTI forum nor its email addresses will ever be used for marketing, sales, or direct mail purposes.




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